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Let us Celebrate and Hope

A battle for the soul of our country and a President for all Americans. This is what we were told we were voting for when voting for Biden. Let us hope this battle is for good, let us hope we can trust his word, and let us celebrate together today.

Yes, I understand there are many who are greatly burdened by today's announcement. To those I say, there is still hope and hope never disappoints. You are not alone and though the burden feels great, take rest in Christ, His burden is easy.

I also know there are many who are filled with gratitude and exuberance. To them I say, I share in the joy and have gratitude. Even though our votes may have differed, I know many of you personally and trust your heart is for love and this guided your vote. I am thankful your voice has been heard and acknowledged.

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of who you voted for, I say this is now a time that we can together honor God. We are the carriers of Christ's love for souls. Let us now diligently watch that the soul of our Nation is lifted as only God can lift.

Today, may we trust in each other enough to believe that we, as Americans, care enough for our neighbor's well being that we only seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And for our neighbor's and Nation's soul to know true uplifted freedom. Freedom only found through truth and justice.

May it be in this moment and for this time, we only want for each others good. Even though we may disagree on policy, may we together seek true and lasting justice. For without such, complete happiness is unattainable, liberty is but empty rhetoric and life valued less.

This year our country has cried out for justice, let us honor this cry. To do this we must now be willing to allow the process of justice and the rule of law to to follow its course. Let us today determine together that no person is above the law. And indeed it is through the law that justice exists.

True justice requires us to first respect the law of land. And if this should fail us, then let us appeal to an even greater law. For even nature has laws which are greater than man and where injustice occurs even the rocks cry out.

Today we can celebrate that America has once again shown that our imperfect union can be made to be more perfect.

Today we can celebrate that the voices of many are heard and the votes of the multitudes were cast. Regardless of final outcome we can celebrate in our Democratic process, be grateful for our Constitutional Republic and hope in the promise found through loving our neighbor.

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